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The Kaiko Mega Works Kit contains fidgets that are discreet yet large in size than the standard works kit which means its ideally suited to older teens and adults. We have also ensured the kit contains a different selection to the works (with the exception of the spikey) so that if you own a works kit already you are adding to your Kaiko collection and not duplicating.

This set features a collection of fidgets that not only look cool but feel fantastic! Ideal for teenagers and adults.


  • chain link jumbo
  • millipede
  • loop - double link large
  • xl hexa
  • fidget spikey
  • The NEW mega cog (larger in size - same size as a 50c piece)
  • and the all new SILKWORM fidget for the hand - larger, textured, flatter beads than the caterpillar. This is more weighted also.

Not suitable for 5 and under.

MEGA Works Fidget Kit

Excluding GST
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