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I started with AUsome supports formerly Unique Quality Care support coordination in 2020 using the covid 19 funding for Support Coordination out of core ndis supports. This enabled me to get through my 2020 to 2021 review. However due to issues that had arisen from that review I had to go for a rord however due to that not been actioned in the required time frame it turned into a change of circumstances review which was a good thing as there was other information in the plan that needed correcting and there was a change in my circumstances. As a result, we did get a better plan then what was given in the first plan I had this year was. The various staff I have had supporting me  from awesome supports have all been fantastic a special mention must go to the lovely Christine  and Alana who have been with me sense the first day I started with AUsome supports  Christine and a special mention to Jodi have  both helped me and are  counting to help me deal with staffing and other issues with my service provider without their help I would not have been able to deal with the ndis as well as I have and the issues I have had with my service provider as well as I have been able to  . Which in turn has enabled me to not have to rely on my mum who is my only informal support which is also enabling me to build my independence in managing my affairs and not having to rely on my mum to help me manage my ndis affairs as she is having to mange my 87 year old grandmothers age care package and the stress of managing both was causing health issues for her.

Andrew Hogan

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