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Service At Its Finest

AUsome Supports was created with the highest standard of care and commitment to excellence in mind. Founded by an Autistic person to meet the needs of their autistic family member and those she supported in a professional capacity. AUsome Supports is run by her neurodivergent family members and team. All who are employed here have lived experience of disability. We understand our families because this is how we live. We are the best of the best, and we have been for a number of years. Get in touch with a member of our staff to feel the AUsome Supports difference.


Mission Statement

“Organizations providing services for and serving the disability community, should be run by disabled people.  Period.  When this isn't the case ableism is running the organization as well”

Alex Dacy, WheelChair Rapunzel


“Autistic passions can – and do- change the world”
Yenn Purkis- Autistic advocate and author



AUsome Supports is a Neurodivergent affirming disability support service who are committed to the encouragement and development of ND affirming support services around our participants individual needs.


AUsome Supports operates as a circle of supports with our participants in the centre. We believe to provide the right supports and services, our participants are at the heart of the decisions and directions we take as an organisation. All who are employed here have lived experience of disability. We understand our families because this is how we live. As a Neurodivergent affirming service, we utilise our personal experiences within the ND space and provide an adaptable approach in communication.


Our company values are instilled within our name.  





Making a Difference



We aim to break down ableism, and we have started with addressing our own to better educate others.

That is the AUsome Supports difference.

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Our AUsome Team

Alana McMullen_edited.png

Tink McMullen


Specialist Support Coordination
Jordan McF_edited.png
Baylee McN_edited.png

Boo McMullen


Baylee McMullen-Nixon

Administration Assistant


Louisa Roberts 

Finance Coordinator

Stephanie Burfield

Scheduling Assistant

Jodi Halliday_edited.png

Jodi Halliday

Senior Support Coordinator

Liam Arnott (Larno)

Administration Assistant 

Ashley Bianchin

Finance Assistant

Tia Warry

Coordinator of Support Services

Tia Photo_edited.png
STEPH PHOTO_edited.png
Profile photo_edited.png

Rachael Gooch

Support Coordinator


Shona Green

Support Coordinator 

Support Coordination

Amanda Sessarago

Coordinator of SIL

Tushyana Gatward

Specialist Support Coordinator

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